Okay Coming! New CD Mara Lima

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I was totally out of the updates of Career Mara Lima, 02 aces and today morning, I decided to share my concerns on Twitter, @ thyago_marquess until just me explaining that the singer is already cured and is in production phase of its new CD. Initially, it is expected to launch in September 2012 at Expo Christian. It will be the main focus of this year Eternal Praise the Pentecostal branch. Mara Lima since 2009 has had problems with his voice, after some surgeries, you had proposed placing silicone on his vocal cords. The first news we see on the label's site is that Mara is cured! The second repertoire Dayane Lima, is already chosen, and without doubt, must be beautiful, since we're talking about a veteran gospel music. The work will be produced by maestro Melk Carvalhêdo accompanying the singer for several years. Mara was one of the few singers who did not migrate to pop Pentecostal. His CDs have been well accepted by his loyal audience, that even with the advancement of piracy, the lead singer has managed brands will reach over 100 thousand copies sold. Read more at


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