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Known by many as the "Queen of Gospel Music," Shirley Carvalhaes runs a blessed career of over 30 years of success and launched numerous works with praises they did, and still do, part of the history of many people. Adapting your style according to the passage of time, Shirley Carvalhaes managed to keep evolving your posture every cd, which greatly saved. In his latest work released by Art Gospel, we can see a real show of professionalism in production led by Melk Carvalhedo and Eraldo Taylor (Melosweet) recording done live theater Gazeta, in São Paulo. Regarding the order of the songs, please note that the DVD has a totally different order of cd, including a bonus track of the hit "There's an out." The order of the cd features the first seven original songs and seven others are remakes of old hits of the singer, now on DVD, is the order variant. The opening track is "Holy, Holy," which starts with a beautiful coral dividing the voices of the chorus the same. A well-orchestrated introduction continues until the beginning of the stanza, when Shirley sings about the joy of the saints coming when they arrive in heaven. A splendid song with great emphasis on the vocals. Then we have "Owner of All", performed in more contemporary style of the singer in the case of the character of this composition. With strong lyrics, this song portrays the magnificence of God over everything and everyone. "All About Me" and is the title of the album, the track is also testimony to the cd, where Shirley portrays the letter, which came during his life to serve Jesus. The 4th praise, "Just a Word" is a very typical country singer, one of the best tracks accompanied by guitars. "I am your God" is a song of consolation and encouragement, with a good introduction technique Eraldo Taylor watching the bass solo with his voice. How could it miss a pagoda of this cd, "It has to be loyal" does justice to its name in the repertoire. Starts very slow, picks up more pace in the chorus, with a message of loyalty to those who follow God. With a ground metal well "ripped" checked "In Jesus' Name," which has a melancholy tune well paced with great stops. Completing the new songs and going to the sequence of rewrites, we recall the touching "Gales" 1994, coming soon after the famous hit "anointed hands," which has an authority in your extra lyrics and melody. Arriving at the climax of the album is "Pharaoh or God", who made a revolution at the time it was released due to his hectic pace as well, giving input to the development of music in Brazil Pentecostal. With even more weight, you can relive memories of this true classic. The song number 11 is a nostalgic gift for evangelicals. "Ditosa City" is the oldest of all, also accompanied by the choir. The new arrangements gave this music a celestial air unquestionable. Big radio hit of the early 90s, "From Heart to Heart" is a composition of Valdeci Aguiar who fit perfectly in the interpretation of Shirley, which dispense comments by the power of his voice. Authored by Suedson Damasceno, "Trembling God" brings to mind the album "Silence Distressed" marked by excellent arrangements and creativity of its repertoire. Being the last track, "Our Song" ends triumphantly with the cd a climate of fellowship and gratitude for their exhaled audibly very delicious beauty of chanting. Although most reported in Pentecostal churches, Shirley Carvalhaes extends this album his voice to a wider following, invigorating and exploring new styles. With this work, we see the growth of the Pentecostal music in Brazil with one of its main representatives on a cd very well prepared and anointed, proving that the former can always be renewed, as the word of God is renewed every morning.


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